Worldly Eats in Boston: The Elephant Walk

Food can transport you. The exotic tastes of international cuisine can bring you back to a trip where you indulged in a local dish or it can inspire you to travel to a new destination. The Elephant Walk in Boston is the perfect place to get a taste of Cambodian and French cuisine. Plus, it…

Why You Need to Experience Fall in New England

After traveling around, I realized the reason I love fall is because I live in New England.

Vegan Cafe Spotlight: My Thai Cafe in Boston

This hidden gem is quite possibly our favorite hidden cafe, because if you’ve been there, you know it scores just as many points with the “hidden” as it does with “cafe”. My Thai Vegan CafeĀ is located in Boston on the border of Chinatown and the Theatre District. You’ll see the white sign outside of the…

Traveling for Egg Donation

Not only do I get to see the world, but the purpose for my travel is to help build a family. And that is an amazing feeling.

Meatless in Seattle: A Vegan Food Guide

You can walk to each of these vegan joints, no matter where you find yourself in this city! With the never ending variety of vegan food in Seattle, we found these to be our favorites.

7 Best Vegan Food Trucks in Boston

It seems like the food truck scene is taking over Boston, and we’re not complaining! Walk around the financial center and you’ll see them parked in droves. Looking for the best vegan dishes? Here’s the five best vegan food trucks in Boston! Clover Food Truck– This truck has mostly vegan and vegetarian options. A vegan…

7 Thoughts You’ll Have at Your First Music Festival

Festival season is in full swing! Once you enter a festival: Coachella, Bonnaroo, Firefly, or any of the others, you’ll know you stepped into another world! Here’s 7 thoughts you’ll have during your first festival. 1. So many friendly people!- You’re camping in an area with thousands of others. You’re all there for the music…