Worldly Eats in Boston: The Elephant Walk

Food can transport you. The exotic tastes of international cuisine can bring you back to a trip where you indulged in a local dish or it can inspire you to travel to a new destination. The Elephant Walk in Boston is the perfect place to get a taste of Cambodian and French cuisine. Plus, it has vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options!

The Elephant Walk is an elegant restaurant that invokes the relaxed and tranquil energy you’ll feel if you find yourself at a local eatery in Cambodia or a quiet hidden gem in France. The Cambodian-French fusion cuisine reflects two vibrant cultures and the menu offers fresh salads, savory soups, feel-good main dishes, and scrumptious desserts.

Vegan options include three different types of savory salads, including a soba noodle salad with vegetables, spices, baby greens, and a chili-lime tuk trey dressing. There’s also timbale with marinated and grilled zucchini, red pepper, and eggplant with hummus.

For vegan mains there’s the Poulet à la Citronelle, which can be made with tofu, served on lemongrass sauce, peanut, onion, scallion, and served with Jasmine rice. The Crevettes et Pâtes de Riz Fraîches, which is tofu and rice noodles sautéed with vegetables and a garlicky aged soy.

I started off with a chamomile flower tea that was brought out in a charming tea pot. I ordered the Mee Siem. It was rice noodles in a sauce of salted soy beans, tofu, garlic, chilies, picked shallot, Chinese chive, bean sprouts, red pepper and a garnish. The food had a crisp freshness and the right amount of spice. It was healthy and left me feeling satisfied, nostalgic of my time in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and inspired to see more of the world.

Whether you’re from out of town looking for an internationally inspired vegan (or non-veg) cuisine, or you’re from Boston looking for a place that sparks wanderlust through delicious flavors, the Elephant Walk is great restaurant to check out.

If you’re in the area, you can find The Elephant Walk in Boston’s South End at 1415 Washington St., Boston, MA 02118 and can call them for a reservation at 617-247-1500.  You can find their website synced above and also here:

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