‘Twas the Night of the Flight: A Chrismukkah Miracle

”Twas the night of the flight,

When we got in the car,

On schedule for three hours early,

The airport wasn’t really that far.

But behold we hit traffic!

And our time got away.

The clock kept on ticking…

Would we ever make it to JFK?

At last we arrived

And tried to get onto the plane.

But they said it was too late,

No matter how hard we tried to explain.

They sent us to an angel,

Who looked at our sad faces.

She went to work on her computer,

And said, “I think we can free up two spaces.”

We jumped for joy!

Could this be heaven?

She smiled and said,

“Your next flight is at eleven.”

We ran to our gate

As we could suddenly see it all!

Our backpacking trip was about to begin,

All because of a Christmikkah miracle.


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