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After studying abroad in Valletta, Malta, I had lost weight and become a raw vegan. I felt super healthy, but I wanted my vegan soul food, and I wanted my curves back. I didn’t want anymore salads! And then I was blessed with “Vegan Love” in Budapest, Hungary.

Located on the Buda side, right before the Szabadsag hid, or the green Liberty Bridge, this little hidden eatery is all vegan and all comfort food. I walked by this place at night and vowed to come back in the morning. I first ordered the shiitake quinoa burger with a green smoothie and fries with cheese sauce. My mind was blown. It was messy, filling, and delicious. It felt like the first fulfilling vegan meal I had had in a while. And it was still healthy and jam packed with vegetables! I knew I would be back as it was not only delicious, but conveniently on my way from my hostel to the main part of the city.


Next, I tried the onion dog, as I had been craving a simple savory hot dog my whole Eurotrip. Unfortunately, I had eaten it all before I took a picture, but I assure you it was a vegan dog worth stopping for. I also grabbed a vegan choco cookie chocolate bar, which really got my sweet tooth going at the airport later on during my trip.


And last, the pièce de résistance! The Philly cheese steak, fries with garlic yogurt sauce, and an organic lemonade. Throughout my 4 days in Budapest, I had three of these Philly cheese steaks. That’s how good they were. The cheese tasted like real, gooey, fatty cheese and the steak part really hit the spot. Add the garlic yogurt sauce to compliment the crispy fries and the organic lemonade… I was in vegan heaven.

I cannot recommend this place enough for vegan travellers in Budapest, Hungary. There are plenty of healthier salad options as well, but Vegan Love’s comfort food is out of this world. So when you find yourself hungry in Hungary, you know where to go!

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  1. This looks incredible! Also, I love your blog ❤ 🙂 Yesss vegan travel!


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