A Complete Guide to Santorini, Greece

Before you arrive to the most beautiful island under the sun, you’re going to want to know where to stay, how to get around, and what to do. With this guide you’ll have it all figured out and ready to go as soon as you arrive in Santorini, Greece.

WHERE TO STAY- I’ve got one word for you, and that word is “Caveland“!

The hostel is beautiful and has both dorms and private rooms for all types of travelers. The caves are made up of old volcanic rock into livable domes. The bright colors of the architecture and the flowers makes this hostel one of a kind.

At reception you can decide if you’d like to take part in organized dinners or yoga. There’s even a pool and two lovely dogs to keep you company while you swim. With the hostel being about a 15 minutes walk to Fira, you’re more than able to walk, but there is a more adventurous way to easily get around the island.

HOW TO GET AROUND-  With staying in Caveland, there comes the perk of having the hostel make a deal with a local ATV and moped rental shop. You’ll get the best rates at a shop just around the corner at 20 euros a day. This is surely worth it just to ride from Fira and back whenever you need to. However, since the island is so small, you’ll easily be able to see the entire island. While soaking up the sun with the air keeping you cool, you’ll feel just like a local zipping through the streets or taking a leisurely ride down to the beach.

WHAT TO DO-  Now we get to the fun part! You have your beautiful and relaxing hostel, your fun mode of transportation, and now you get to run around! This guide is for the chillaxers and adventure seekers alike. You can take your ATV and go to one of the numerous breathtaking beaches. There’s the Red Beach, also known as Kokkini Paralia, located five minutes away from Akrotiri. Right next to the Red Beach is the White Beach, or Aspri Paralia, with black sand and white cliffs surrounding it.  There are many more beaches along the cost of the island where you can go to relax and take in the beautiful scenery while sipping on a drink from the local bar.

Next, there is the picturesque Oia where you can go sunset chasing. Staying in Caveland, you can get there by the bus that runs regularly in Fira for 1.80 euro each way. The white buildings that rise out of the coast of Northern Santorini remain largely unaffected by tourism as much of the main parts are closed off to private residences. Still, you’re able to walk along and take stunning pictures. Once the sun starts to set, you’ll see the crowds flocking towards the most northern part of the town to watch the sun set in a fiery blaze into the sea. You can get to the lookout spot early and set up, chase the sunset like everyone else, or step back away from the crowd and watch the sky simmer as you look over all of Oia.

In Oia as well as Fira you’ll also find numerous Greek places to eat. You’ll also find shops to by white cotton outfits and other Greek style clothing, as well as jewelry.

Next, try the coffee! Thick and sweet, the coffee is very similar to Turkish coffee. You can drink it with sugar or just as is. A nice frappe really hits the spot on a nice summer day.

Last, but certainly not least, go cliff jumping at Amoudi Bay. This is where, in the second Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, the girls jump off the cliffs in Greece.  For the really adventurous, take the ATV down the highway. Although this is not recommended for beginner ATV drivers. If you want, you can just take the bus to Oia and follow the signs down to Amoudi Bay. If you take your ATV or a car you can park at the bottom and walk over.

If you choose the more adventurous route, it’s around a 20 minute ATV ride from Fira, down the same road. It’s just windy and one highway so exercise caution, but it’s a great ride if you’re looking for one.

Once at the parking place, walk across all the restaurants and onto the dirt path, across the rocks, and around the corner you’ll see the cliff that you can jump off of. People will be swimming or sunbathing on the rocks there.

For this part I would suggest water shoes as the rock can be a little rough. Once you’re in the water, swim on over and climb the stairs next to the flattened out part. And finally, take your leap of faith!

And there you have it, your complete guide to Santorini, Greece, filled with ATVing, coffee drinking, and cliff jumping.


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