Iceland: For the Hipster in All of Us

Ice Hike 2

Right now, tourism to Iceland is booming! With such a beautiful and unconventional destination, it’s no wonder. Iceland caters to budget travelers, backpackers, nature photographers, and explorers. But, mostly, Iceland is the perfect place for the hipster in all of us.

We all have a hipster side. Whether you like a good deconstructed meal at a restaurant, you’re all about exposed brick, or you just enjoy craft beer, you can’t deny that there’s a little part of you that finds comfort in the hipster-esque parts of your life.

Even though tourism has increased, Iceland is certainly not considered “touristy” by any means. While there, travelers will probably only see a few other out-of-towners and interact with mostly locals, making the country still feel like an undiscovered treasure. Iceland is isolated which makes even the ordinary seemingly influenced by the unique island. And with Wow Air offering flights for $99 from the United States to Iceland, there’s no reason not to go. Here’s the top reasons why Iceland is perfect for the hipster in all of us.

If you’ve ever heard of a little band called Of Monsters and Men or the singer Björk, they’re both from Iceland! If you go out in Reykjavik at night, you’ll find that that it’s a quiet and relaxed nightlife with live acoustic music at bars. You can grab a Viking beer, chat with friends, and hangout. Also, you’ll find record stores all around Reykjavik, with extensive collections. Taking buses out to see the famous landmarks, you’ll hear great Indie music in both English and Icelandic. The Icelandic music scene will leave you in a complete state of wanderlust, even while in transit across the country.

And are you really a hipster if you aren’t into photography? Iceland is like two different worlds depending on what time of the year you go. If you go during the colder months the landscape is a winter wonderland. If you go during the spring months, the landscape drastically transforms into planes of green as it comes alive. The nature photography is unreal between the Icelandic ponies, puffins, northern lights, the Geyser, and glaciers. If you’re looking to just enjoy nature or capture it in all of its glory, Iceland is for you and your tripod.

Lastly, Iceland has a small town feel. It’s like one big town with endless coffee shops where everyone knows each other. Iceland’s population as a whole is around 330,000, while New York City’s population alone is around 8,550,000. While Iceland’s population is largely concentrated around the capital of Reykjavik, it’s still a relatively small community. They say that everyone there knows each other, and I believe it. There’s one main street in Reykjavik (which means one main street in all of Iceland) and if you went to Iceland when Kim K was there, you would have casually ran into her throughout the day.

Also, Iceland’s crime rate is incredibly low. If you travel there you’ll notice all the baby strollers outside of the shops with babies bundled up peacefully sleeping while their parents run errands inside the store. Icelandic people are incredibly friendly, and travelers will instantly feel like they’re part of the community. And no better way to feel part of the community than to blend in with an ethically sheered wool sweater from the Icelandic sheep. Hipsters love patterned sweaters.

Next, Reykjavik is full of cozy coffee shops and vegan options. There’s no Starbucks on the island. There’s The Laundromat Cafe with a brand new twist on “vegan toast”, Eldur og Is for crepes, Reykjavik Chips for vegan satay fries, and C is for Cookie for an absolutely authentic Icelandic cafe experience. The coffee shop atmosphere across the country is the cherry on top for hipsters across the world.

Lastly, as if all this wasn’t enough, those traveling to Iceland have the ultimate beard inspiration: the Vikings. Forget lumberjacks. You have the burliest, most rugged, men in history with the beards that set the bar.

Iceland is really an island of hipsters. So if you’re looking for a great music scene, an outstanding opportunity for nature photography, coffee shops, and some serious beard inspiration, Iceland should definitely be the next destination on your travel list.


4 responses to “Iceland: For the Hipster in All of Us”

  1. I’ve always heard such amazing things about Iceland and I’d love to visit! The vegan toast also sounds yummy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! It’s funny bc the waitress sort of didn’t let on that it wasn’t just “toast” so I wasn’t that excited and then she brought it out and I was shocked. It was incredible, and I hope you make it Iceland someday!


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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