Lucid Dreaming as a Form of Travel?


“What an odd idea…” you might think as you read this title. For those that don’t know, lucid dreaming is a way to realize you’re dreaming and then control your dreams. The better you get at it, the more you can do. It’s like inception, minus a crazy plot inside a plot… inside a plot.

So now it’s way too late at night, almost 1am for me, but it’s finals week, and my sleeping is all out of whack, but it made me think back to when I was able to focus more on lucid dreaming and dream interpretation. Lucid dreaming is the most unique sort of travel I have ever experienced.

We’re asleep for a third of our lives, all of us dreaming every night, whether you remember them or not. We have our complex brain firing off random neurons, but how can we not even try collectively, as a society, to analyze these magical adventures filled with emotion and wanderlust every night?

To lucid dream you can find instructions here. It takes time, discipline, and concentration, but it’s worth it.

I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower on a floating island of flowers. I’ve seen Russian street murals come to life and dance around me. I’ve flown over stunning city landscapes. If you can lucid dream, you can go wherever your heart desires. It’s free, you have the time while you sleep, and the possibilities of where you can go are endless.

The easiest way to train for lucid dreaming was to stare at my hand before bed and say, “When I see my hand I will know I’m dreaming, and then I will be able to control my dreams.” This sounds so simple, but it’s a commitment to concentrate and do it every night.

Followers please comment below if you have any “unconventional” ways to travel that you would like to share!



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