There’s a Penis Museum in Iceland?!

Yes, yes, it’s true! Iceland is home to one of the most unique museums I have ever been to, and I’ve been to some weird museums. In the capital of Reykjavik, right off the main road you can find the Icelandic Phallological Museum.

For only 1500 ISK (about $13 USD), you can see preserved penises from all sorts of beings, as well as paintings, sculptures, and articles highlighting breaking news about dicks! I know what you’re thinking, I thought this was an ethical vegan travel blog? I was reluctant to go in, because I hate things like Bass Pro shop with all the dead animals. But the thing is… there was a human penis too. Unshaved and completely ordinary, there it was, floating within the formaldehyde among the other shlongs from animals all over the world. Maybe this doesn’t justify me going in there, but I felt better knowing this exhibit was on all beings and not just us (humans) observing them (animals) in the name of speciesism.

Regardless, this was a very interesting place that I recommend stopping in if you find yourself in Iceland. You’ll find yourself surrounded many shlongs, dongs, and long Johns from all around the world. And the best part? They have a gift shop! My favorite coffee mug can be seen in the featured photo above.

So, why why WHY Sam are you writing about this? Well followers, because of YOU. I check my stats often, and the link to the Icelandic Phallological Museum in my “Top 10 Things To Do in Iceland” blog post, is the second-highest clicked link in my entire blog. The top clicked link is to the Wow Air website, which I link to in almost every Iceland blog, because they’re my favorite airline. So I wrote this for you guys, because you clearly want to know more about this weird place.

My one-year for my blog anniversary is coming up. I would love to know what types of blogs my followers are interested in. Comment below if there’s a travel topic you’d want to read more about!


6 responses to “There’s a Penis Museum in Iceland?!”

  1. This is definitely on my list for my trip to Iceland in February! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it – even if it’s mostly out of the weird-ness! Haha. I’m also using WOW airlines, so I’m very glad to hear that it’s your favorite. I’m going to check out your other tips for Iceland! Cheers!

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    1. So happy you enjoyed the article! Iceland is by far one of the quirkiest and coolest destinations I’ve been to. You’re going to love it! 🙂


      1. I’m excited to hear that! It’s been near the top of my list for a while and we snagged a pretty great deal! Xx


  2. Woah! for a moment we thought you’d buy a cup with a slightly different shape than conventional…
    Did you also know there is a penis shrine in Japan? Hee

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    1. Ha! That’s so interesting.. I definitely will have to put that on my unconventional travel list haha

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  3. Thanks for sharing. This was definitely the strangest thing I saw while in Iceland!

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