Work Hard, Travel Harder

I always thought it was kind of funny when bloggers or famous Instagrammers apologized for not posting in a while, but now I totally get it. I understand no one’s waiting around for me to post (although I am waiting for Kim K’s comeback), but I am sorry. I feel like I’ve built a relationship with this blog and with others in the WordPress community, and it’s been a while.

In August I started my first year of law school at New England School of Law | Boston. While the school recommends not working your first year, I couldn’t resist. I love to stay busy, to always be working. And it makes me feel independent to put my paychecks towards rent, towards my room in my new apartment I now call home.

With these heavy duty commitments, I can’t take off and travel right now, but I certainly can dream… and plan. My next trip will be to New York City, then my Birthright trip to Israel for my winter break. After the organized trip is done, I’ll extend the trip and visit to Istanbul, Turkey.

I have a philosophy in life: “Work Hard, Travel Harder”. 

Right now, any young adult knows that you have to work overtime all the time. I’m not talking about in the office. I’m talking about school, work, extracurriculars, volunteering, family obligations, networking, and trying to work towards your personal goals. There isn’t enough time in the day, but we’re doing it. If you’re reading this and you’re working your tail off to get to where you want to be, you got this.

One time I had three jobs at once while at school full-time, but you know why? Because I was going to study abroad in Germany the next semester, and I was going to ball out! Okay, budget travel/ball out, same thing. But I wanted to do all I could while I was in Europe. And I was able to do just that. It was totally worth it.

I am going to see the world, so I don’t mind putting in the time to get there. Hidden Cafes and Alleyways is about budget travel, about letting your soul soar from country to country. As far as working goes, always love what you do. Working hard is not supposed to mean torture. Athletes wouldn’t spend hours and hours in training if they didn’t love their sport. Hard work means always pushing, but it shouldn’t feel like you’re pushing an immovable object.

Despite the perspective of the infamous Boston Globe article, I love law school. It’s tough, but I’m challenging myself everyday. And I’m working towards a life goal of becoming a lawyer and helping others.

As for work, I love working at a surrogacy and egg donation agency. I play a small part in helping families grow, and it gave me a unique perspective of my own journey of becoming an egg donor.

So up until December 14th, I’m working my heart out, all day every day. The day after, my boyfriend and I will head up to New York City for a few days. I’ll leave JFK airport to Tel Aviv, Israel for an organized trip, and then I’ll explore Istanbul. I’ll probably get back Stateside the day before school starts, staying up all night to get my homework done for that first day back.

When you’re working, give it your all (God knows I’m doing a 10 page legal memorandum on this exciting Friday night). Other young adults, you know the drill. Keep pushing, but stay daydreaming and planning your break.

And once you get your break, travel hard ladies and gentlemen. Travel hard.

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