Vegan Cafe Spotlight: Fomu Ice Cream in Boston

We all scream for vegan ice cream! Fomu is a gift from the vegan gods with its rich flavors and creative menu. Located in Allston, Jamaica Plain, and now South End, this place is worth stopping by.


And let me tell you, writing this blog I just found out that the new South End location is down the street, so I know where I’m heading after class.

Offering made from scratch, plant-based “nice cream”, you have the option of ice cream by the scoop, smoothies, or take it home with a pint and enjoy over Netflix. They also offer baked goods, coffee, espresso, and loose leaf tea, making it the perfect place to stop no matter if you’re trying to beat the heat or escape from the cold.

Our favorite flavors? A sweet tooth calls for one scoop malted cookie dough, one scoop salted caramel, topped with hot fudge. Not sure if its appropriate to continuously moan while eating in public, but I guess that’s why they offer the take-home pints.

Their menu is always changing, but popular flavors include avocado, chocolate pudding, bourbon maple walnut, banoffee pie, and many more. Short and sweet, stop by Fomu and bring those non-vegan friends, and we guarantee you’ll be coming back for more!


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