Why I Won’t Apologize for How I Travel

Traveling is its own lifestyle. There’s everything from stretching that dollar as far as it’ll go on a backpacking trip to being treated like royalty with luxury travel amenities. It’s whatever makes you happy, and yet, I find myself apologizing for how I like to travel. Here’s why I won’t be saying, “I’m sorry” anymore.

I want to travel ethically.

I don’t want to go to zoos, ride any animals, or eat any of the famous non-vegan food. I want to show my respect to other beings and, even if it’s super popular, I won’t be doing anything that I feel is unethical. If this means separating myself from the group or ordering fries at a famous restaurant, that’s fine! My travel experience will still be amazing as I find a local cafe to hang out at.

I LOVE hostels! 

Co-ed dorm rooms are my favorite! I find that they’re more social, and I get to meet other travelers. Hostels usually have free breakfast and lots of information for young travelers like free walking tours.

I haven’t tried Air B&B, but maybe I will in the future. But I’d rather the company of others. It’s fine if you want to stay in a nice hotel, but it’s too much for a budget traveler like myself, and it’s a lot harder for me to make friends, especially when…

I’d rather travel by myself. 

There’s so many amazing people in my life, but I have only a handful of incredibly close friends. And I’d love to travel with them! But right now we’re all in different stages in our lives. My spring break doesn’t match up with theirs or they don’t want to go to all the offbeat places I want to go to. And that’s fine! One day we’ll travel together.

I have traveled with others, and it’s been great! But I’ve sneaked away throughout those trips so I could explore local vegan foodie spots or gone to places that interest me. Those group trips were my favorite!

I have a lot of confidence in my ability to travel, and I take comfort getting to reflect and treat myself throughout my journey. And I don’t care that I’m a “female solo traveler”. I’ll be going wherever I want whenever I want, without a fake wedding ring, thank you very much.

I don’t want to go clubbing. 

I want to get up early, see the sights, and do everything I can throughout my day before I crash into my hostel bed! I’ll drink alcohol that’s culturally important to my region or casually with dinner, but I don’t want to blow money on cover charges and booze. And I don’t get to know other people in the club. The music is usually too loud.

Check out the nightlife when there’s no plan in the morning? Sure! Go out every night until 2am? Probably not. I can club back at home. But if you like to club, then party until the sun comes up!

Hello, budget flights!

Three stopovers with a 13 hour layover? If it’s the cheapest option then sign me up. Wow Air is an amazing airline, and I love it, but sometimes people stay away since they know it’s a “budget line”. Same with Ryan Air. They’re perfect for me! With their little planes and constant perfume advertisements.

So my point is, maybe you like your direct flights, with a five-star hotel, clubbing it up with your friends. And that’s great! But right now, for me, I travel the way I can, and I fine tuned my experience so that I can be excited for any flight that I book. A lot of times people say, “Really?” or they want to come with me, but don’t understand why I didn’t choose “better” options.

Traveling is a privilege, and everyone should have the best time that they can abroad. If someone wants to tag along, but doesn’t like part of what I’m doing, then they can do what they want, because it’s their experience too. Everyone deserves to travel, unapologetically, however they like to travel.

Comment below on how you like to travel!

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