Better Put Some Iceland on That

Alright guys, I have a confession. So my first post ever was “The Ultimate Traveler’s Bucket List“. And I didn’t tell anyone on social media where I was going, not directly at least. I said, “I’m doing #3 and #38 this weekend!” as I tried to get people to check out my blog post. And you know what? I didn’t do either of those things.

I was woken up on the plane by my friend and I said how excited I was to swim in the Blue Lagoon. She told me, “Well the Blue Lagoon is under construction…” Under construction? I thought it was just like a natural thing? No, it’s apparently man-made.

“For how long?” I asked.

“For the week we’re there.” So there went #38.

Something about this bothered me deeply. I’m a list checker-offer. It’s how I go through my days, and it’s how I truly wrote out this bucket list. I had the intention to cross off each thing and not die until everything was crossed off!

This wasn’t just a list… This was going to be my life!┬áBut what’s a girl to do? At least I would see the Northern Lights!

Fast forward to me under the Northern Lights, realizing they can only be captured with a camera with long exposure, because the shutter needs to be open. So yes, I saw the Northern Lights, but I wanted to badly to capture them in all their glory with a camera.

Was I being selfish? Maybe. I like to travel to each place once, but I have this pull back to Iceland, not just to cross things off my bucket list either, but because I know it will be a different world going in the spring versus when I went there in the winter.

Iceland is a nature and travel photographer’s dream. I feel like going there in the spring, equipped with a nice camera, and exploring the whole island, it’ll be like a whole different place.

And seriously look at a map. I’m from the US and Iceland is between me and Europe. With flights to Iceland and with stopovers in Iceland under $200 (sometimes as low as $99), how can I not go again?

I just have this ache to go back, like I have unfinished business. And that’s why very soon I will go back, and I will get that premium package for the Blue Lagoon, and I’ll take a shot of the Northern Lights so I can look at it for forever. And then I’ll have two more things off my life’s bucket list.

Anyone ever go back to a place, because they felt this way, too?

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