Why Every Avid Traveler Should Have a Second Instagram

Millennials are the worst! First they want financial security… and now they want SECOND INSTAGRAMS!? When will it end?!

But seriously, if you love to travel and you love taking snapshots along the way, you’ll want to show them to world! But how? You can’t put up a #tbt to the Bahamas forever! And Facebook puts them all in an album where they can’t get the individual appreciation that each picture deserves. So display your pictures where others can appreciate them: on a second Instagram!

Yes, I’m talking about travel, but I think everyone should have a second Instagram for their creative passion. Whether it’s vegan cooking, crocheting, or constructing cacti terrariums, you should create a space exclusively for your interests where you can meet other people around the world with the same interests.

Sure you could do this on your regular Instagram, but your friends will say, “Why do you post mostly cacti? Why do you throw up so many hashtags?”

On your second Instagram, exclusively used for that one passion, you can let your hashtag freak flag fly! Because it’s a great way for other people who share the same interests to find you. And then you have your own little community.

Another good reason to have a second insta is that you can have one very personal to you, and keep it private for friends and family. And the second one, you can make less personal and make it “public” for the world to see.

So go ahead, make your second Instagram! Post a new pic of the Bahamas every day and add a bunch of hashtags. Find other people that love cacti as much as you!

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5 responses to “Why Every Avid Traveler Should Have a Second Instagram”

  1. thesweatergiraffe Avatar

    I’m totally addicted to making multiple Instagram accounts for my various hobbies, ha ha! It’s definitely useful though and helps keep my pictures organized and well-presented. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah! Instagram is my favorite platform and I get to see places all around the world by searching hashtags in all different languages. I get inspired every day and get so excited with every “like” of appreciation. Whats your Insta tag? I’d love to follow! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thesweatergiraffe Avatar

        Looking up hashtags in different languages is so BRILLIANT why have I never thought of that?? Ha ha, my Insta is @sweatergiraffe ! I’ll follow you as well. 😉


      2. thesweatergiraffe Avatar

        Thanks! Likewise. 🙂


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