Traveling for Egg Donation

Traveling for egg donation is one of the most rewarding travel experiences I have ever had, because, not only do I get to see the world, but the purpose for my travel is to help build a family. And knowing I can help a person or couple in such a personal way is such an amazing feeling!

How did I find out about egg donation? Well the answer is simple. I work at an egg donation agency! I work at “Circle Egg Donation“, specifically with egg donor applications and in marketing, writing blogposts and web content.

Day after day, I get to see extraordinary young women applying to become a donor and help a family. They all want to make a real difference in these intended parents’ lives, and I soon found that I did too! Especially since families sometimes come into the office. I get to see the children running around and laughing, here all because of egg donation.

I also found out that Jewish donors were especially needed. Because of the small demographic coupled with religious, cultural, and ethnic needs of the Jewish community, there’s a great need for Jewish donors, but there is a small donor pool. I decided to donate with “A Jewish Blessing“, and it’s been an amazing experience.

But back to travel! You travel to the IVF clinic that the intended parents decide to work with. Typically, if you live in the  U.S. or Canada, you travel to somewhere within the United States. All of the travel expenses are paid for my the intended parents. This includes air fare, hotel, a food stipend, transportation, ect, and this is typically for yourself and a companion that you chose to bring along, be it a friend, family member, or partner. 

I’m from the Boston area and found out I would be going to Seattle, Washington! I’d never been to the West Coast, so I was very excited! While you’re there you have a few quick doctor’s appointments and a day of surgery, but other than that the time is yours to explore, or in my case, EAT! 

Many times you’ll see Craigslist ads for egg donation advertising as a “free trip”, which is kind of true (and great advertising), but it’s a trip with a purpose, and you get to really do something extraordinary for a family.

And, as if that isn’t enough, you get compensated to donate! You can get compensated anywhere between $8,000-$15,000+ depending on where you donate. While helping a family, you can use the compensation to follow your passions… like travel!

If you’re a young woman interested in donating, you can apply with Circle Egg Donation here. If you’re Jewish and would like to donate your eggs within the Jewish community, then consider applying with A Jewish Blesssing here. If you apply to either, please refer me by my full name (Samantha McIsaac) or by this blog!

Traveling for egg donation is a great opportunity to see the world and make a difference at the same time. I can’t say enough good things about my decision to become a donor!

If you have questions about becoming a donor, you can always email me at: !

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