Meatless in Seattle: A Vegan Food Guide

Seattle, Washington, has all the beauty of a big city, but all the comfort of a small town. You can walk to each of these vegan joints, no matter where you find yourself in this city! With the never ending variety of vegan food in Seattle, we found these to be our favorites.

Mighty-O Donuts: Vegan donut heaven. They’re all vegan so take your pick or take a baker’s dozen. Glazed, double chocolate, raspberry iced, peanut butter chocolate, and so much more! They also have a lovely coffee selection, just make sure you specific a milk-alternative, because they do have regular milk for their coffees.

Cafe Pettirosso: Mac and cheese so savory, it’s making this list. There’s other vegan dishes like red fennel hash, tofu scramble, and more. That mac and cheese though: crispy bread crumbs on top, mac and cheese with a little spice, with a green salad on the side. I’d eat this every day if I could.

Veggie Grill: The whole place is vegan and loaded with comfort food. The tempura green beans is a great starter with a ranch dressing side. The mac and cheese is a small starter, but don’t let the portion size fool you, because it will fill you right up. And the VG-cheeseburger is a great protein based meal with extra cheesy flavorful goodness.

Italian Family Pizza: Ask for the tomato pie with no cheese, then top that bad boy with whatever your heart desires. A small is still large, and a large is a little more than ambitious for one person.  They make their dough and sauce every day and you can tell by the first bite that this pizza shop is like no other.

Plum Bistro: An all vegan-cafe, they have tons of healthy options like salads with great proteins like tempeh, tofu, seitan, and quinoa. There’s even options for raw vegans and gluten-free baked goods! Plum Bistro has a Capitol Hill and Seattle Center location as well as a food truck.

The Cookie Counter: Vegan owned and operated, the Cookie Counter makes the perfect stop for dessert. As espresso bar, a myriad of baked goods, and ice cream flavors from regular to “Kinda Wacky”, this is the prefect cherry on top for a vegan-based trip in Seattle.

NOTE: The reason I was in Seattle was because I was traveling for egg donation. So I was looking for comfort food that was good for me too and packed with protein. What I found was a beautiful city and a plethora of vegan options. If you have questions about Seattle vegan travel or egg donation, please email me at !


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