7 Best Vegan Food Trucks in Boston

It seems like the food truck scene is taking over Boston, and we’re not complaining! Walk around the financial center and you’ll see them parked in droves. Looking for the best vegan dishes? Here’s the five best vegan food trucks in Boston!

  1. Clover Food Truck– This truck has mostly vegan and vegetarian options. A vegan BLT with bacon seitan will certainly hit the spot. Add a side of rosemary french fries and yum! Try the chickpea fritter! Fried to crispy goodness, these falafel balls are tucked away in a pita pocket with tomato salad, cucumbers, picked vegetables and tahini! Filling and guaranteed to make your tummy smile.
  2. Taco PartyLoaded with vegan options including tempeh, seitan, tofu, and so much more! You’ll have tons of tasty vegan options here.
  3. Bon Me– They have a few different food trucks running around Boston now! Build your meal with your choice of sandwich, rice, or noodles, then “meats” including roasted soy and paprika tofu, and all the toppings and dressing. Our favorite is white rice, tofu, all the works, miso dressing, and jalapenos!
  4. The Chubby ChickpeaStrutting its stuff with a funky truck design, the chubby chickpea offers the best Middle Eastern styled falafel in town. This is the only vegan main dish they offer, but they also have vegan stuffed grape leaves and a lovely lemonade with a Mediterranean twist.
  5. Gogi on the Block– Ask for no cheese and you have some great vegan options like rice bowl, burrito, or salad. A very fresh tasting meal topped with garlic tofu. You’ll love every bite!
  6. Chick Chak Food Truck– Try some lovely pita with falafel and hummus. Special shoutout to them, because sometimes they’ll have extra vegan goodies made daily like lentil soup.
  7. Stoked Pizza Co.- They offer vegan cheese! Yes!!! You have “cheese”, mushroom and onion, buffalo veggie options. And this mushroom and onion pizza is heavenly. Here’s the description from the website: “white pizza with fresh mozzarella, aged mozzarella, roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, porcini mushroom infused oil”. Substitute the cheese with their Tesse brand and you have a little slice (or the whole pie) of heaven!

Pro Tip: There’s a Vegetarian Food Truck Festival coming up in September, and I bet they’ll be tons of vegan options there!.

Want more vegan highlights from Boston and around the world? Follow along!

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