7 Vegan Health and Hygiene Travel Products: For People of All Genders!

When it comes to hygiene and health, it can be hard to find vegan products! Not only that, but wouldn’t it be great to find something vegan, eco-friendly, and an all around great product for people of all genders? Well look no further! We’ve found the top seven vegan health and hygiene products you’ve got to pack in your travel bag!

1.  Natracare Feminine Hygiene Products– Natracare products are natural, organic, chlorine free and dependable. Have a menstrual cycle? You’ll need these! Don’t have a menstrual cycle? Someone you’re traveling with will probably need these. Anyone traveling with girls be it your daughters, friends, or your girlfriend, if you pick up a box of these tampons, it’s an act of kindness that won’t go unnoticed. Girls always need more, and they’re great for stopping nosebleeds.

2. The DivaCup– or “The Best Decision I Ever Made”? I can’t tell the difference anymore! Perfect for anyone with a menstrual cycle, can range from anywhere to $25- $40. Sound pricey? Well a Huffington Post article broke down the cost of having your period over your lifetime. It’s thousands of dollars! So invest in the DivaCup. Not to mention it’s made from 100% healthcare grade silicone, clean, and super convenient for travel, because there’s 12 hours of leak-free protection.

vegan diva

3. Tom’s Deodorant With no aluminum, they have both deodorants and antiperspirants with a bunch of scents. Perfect for anyone.

4. Cocoa Butter– Naturally vegan, it’s great for ashy or dry skin, chapped lips, or putting a little shine on your cheeks. Get a little bit of it and it’ll last you a whole backpacking trip.

5. Tom’s Toothpaste– Tom’s coming in for a second shoutout on the list, and they have the toothpaste in travel sizes!

6. Glyde Condoms–  It says right on the condom wrapper, “Ethical, Vegan, and Fair Trade”. Safe sex is important, so you should always carry a condom. Who doesn’t love a travel hookup? Or a better question, who doesn’t love a strawberry flavored, vegan, ethical, fair trade travel hook up?

vegan glyde

7. Dr. Bronner’s Soap– Vegan, leaping bunny certified, ethically sourced and fairly traded, Dr. Bronner’s is all in one great soap that you can buy in bulk. It’s strong natural aromas will leave you feelings fresh and revived throughout all of your tiresome travels.

And there you have it! Seven awesome vegan health and hygiene products for your travel bag!



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  1. Very helpful! Thanks 🙂

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  2. Very helpful, thanks! 🙂


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