Why Staying Fit Will Enhance Your Travel Experience

This isn’t about bikini season or tropical vacations where you want to look your beach best. Quite the opposite. This is about Iceland.

I’m talking about a glacier hike. The instructor saw that we were all young adults and looked like we could use a challenge, so we chose a more difficult route, and my glutes knew it too.

I work out regularly and was captain of a nationally ranked collegiate rugby team, and still traveling sometimes kicks my ass. Old clock towers? They weren’t built with elevators, and they’re usually exceptionally steep.

Lookout points, observation towers, ANY adventure activity! You don’t have to run 10 miles a day leading up to your trip, but get in some cardio. You’ll be so happy you did. Even sightseeing or a walking tour can be a lot, because you’re running all around the city.

Iceland’s tourism is based around adventure. In fact, we booked mostly with Arctic Adventures. The point is, while you’re having the time of your life, you don’t want to feel like these spectacular opportunities are too much for your body. Gear up for your trip with uphill walking and light jogging. It will make all the difference!

And when it comes down to Iceland, standing in the freezing cold with an ice pick in hand, you’ll be down for the adventure.

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