Vegan Cafe Spotlight: Hank’s Burgers in Paris!

A little vegan oasis in a sea of snails, we present to you our first “Vegan Cafe Spotlight”: Hank’s Burgers! This little burger joint is exclusively vegan with gluten-free options. There aren’t many exclusively vegan places in Paris, but the market is of course always growing.

We’d say go for the alfredo burger. It was hardy, cheesy, and the perfect comfort food after running around Paris. The cafe is small, only enough room for a community table for the most part, but eat in the park, or use their delivery service!

The gluten-free beer was great, and won’t make you feel as “full” as would a regular beer. Finish the meal with some vegan carrot cake! We chose Hank’s Burgers as a spotlight, because in the fine cuisine capital of the world, you HAVE TO stand out in order to succeed, and this place certainly has! Hank’s Burgers is a must if you’re a vegan in Paris.

Want more spotlights of vegan cafes around the world? Follow us to our next stop: Prague, Czech Republic!

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