Packing the Fun Stuff and the Essentials

There’s just some things you wouldn’t even think of traveling without, like your phone, charger, passport, and wallet. And after investing in the essential products on this list, you’ll want these things by your side at all times! In fact, you’ll wonder how you ever traveled without them! As for the fun stuff, consider getting them in the long run, especially if you’re an avid traveler. You may need to lug them around, but they’re worth the extra baggage space.

1. External Charger– These are super cheap and at the top of the list. If you’re siteseeing or going on a tour, you may be out and about the entire day. If you use your phone to take pictures, a portable mobile USB charger is a must. Once the charge on your phone is getting low, the portable charger can give it a whole other battery life. ESSENTIAL

2. Universal Adapter– Don’t go to Best Buy and get a $30 universal plug when you can find one online for less than $10 with an extra UBS port. ESSENTIAL

3. Snuggle Picture Bud– Want to take pictures of a Beanie Baby all around the world? Bring him along! Maybe it’s a garden gnome, or a little figurine. It’s fun and creative to take a picture of a consistent object for every place you go. You can take selfies too, but what better theme for an Instagram than a traveling teddy bear or hula girl? FUN STUFF
4. Good Phone Case– If you like to be adventurous when you travel, then you have to have a good phone case, or risk dropping it on some rocks, ice, the hotel floor, and having it put a damper on your travel. Get a Lifeproof Case where you can plug the open parts, just in case it falls in water. ESSENTIAL

5. GoPro– It’s a little pricey, but even if you’re not super into photography, its worth the investment. You can get different attachments for your chest or head if you need to be hands-free but still want to capture the moment. This is great for climbing, caving, or anything underwater. Plan on snorkeling? Invest in a GoPro, right now! ESSENTIAL

6. Running Shoes– If you’re a runner, then get the experience of running all around the world. You can sweep the city in Rome and see all the sites. You’ll stay in shape and maybe run down a little alleyway and find some cute shops. Also, Tough Mudders have expanded to Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, Germany, and Australia. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be doing one outside the States at one point. FUN STUFF

7. Hand Warmers– Yes for you hands in cold weather, but also for all the tech gear so it doesn’t freeze up! ESSENTIAL

8. Notebook and Pen– Tech gear is fun, but let’s face it. It can be unreliable, because those things have a mind of their own. Don’t get stuck needing to remember directions, or important details of the trip and not having one solid place to write them down! Just a little notebook can do. ESSENTIAL

9. Drone– These are cool ways to get pictures, but can be heavy to lug around. But if you need that aerial shot (and you’re positive officials won’t freak out over it) then bring it! FUN STUFF

10. Travel Bag– You need a bag that can zip up all the way and can fit all the essentials. Small, snug, and nothing too flashy for safety and theft reasons. From traveling Europe I saw a lot of men carrying high end purses like┬áLouis Vuitton and Gucci purses. Personally, I have a black satchel made of hemp and it works wonderfully, fitting a whole tequila bottle or all my travel gear. ESSENTIAL

11. Slackline– Do a little research before you pack this, because it’s bulky and heavy. Can’t slackine on a glacier or in the middle of a city, but you can in parks with beautiful landmarks in the background! If you’re looking to say you did something in x number of countries, this is the fun stuff to bring. FUN STUFF


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