Top 10 Things To Do in Iceland

So you want to explore Iceland! I’m going to keep it super simple and just list them off while including a short description and prices. Keep in mind it’s around 130 króna for every US dollar. I’m also including links for great companies that can set these up for you, or theirs tourist information spots in Reykjavik as well if you want to set it up while you’re there. Some of these are a bit pricey, but save for at least one big one, because it’s worth it.

1.Golden Circle Tour– This includes Thingvellir National Park, Geysir, and the Gullfoss Waterfall. And you’ll probably see some Icelandic ponies as you ride around too! ($77)

2. Glacier Hiking– This will take the whole day so be prepared and where good hiking boots! Also, make sure to dress warm. Booking “Blue Ice” with Arctic Adventures is must for this trip. (about $153 for the trip, $38.50 more for pick up)

3. Northern Lights- You could set up a bus tour ($50) or this could be the day you rent a car and have it be must cheaper ($15 dollars a day before fees) and just chase the Northern Lights yourself.

4. Harpa Museum– You can admire all of its beauty inside and out for FREE! You can do other things too, but the real beauty is in the architecture.

5. Blue Lagoon– When I went Iceland, the Blue Lagoon was under construction. But it is on my Bucket List, so I will be back! (Prices ranges for adults from $40 to a steep $195). Transportation can be arranged from many possible pick up sites (additional $30).

6. Penis Museum– Yeah we said it! Long shlongs galore! And it’s super cheap too ($10). Only $10 for all that dick?! Alright I’ll stop. Just check it out.

7. Lave Tubes– Awesome caves that need to be explored and if you’re lucky you’ll go when the volcanoes are erupting so you can see some lava! ($76)

8. Snorkeling in Silfra Fissure– The visibility under the water is amazing, great for a GoPro! Snorkeling between the American and Euroasian tectonic plates is worth the price which includes all gear including a dry suit great for the winter months. ($139 and $38.50 for pick up)

9. Vik Black Sand Beach– There’s a famous plane crash that was eerily left that. It seems the best way to get there from experience and research is to rent a 4×4 because of the sand and the plane is slightly out of the way. (FREE, but car rental needed)

10. Local Cafes and Shops- There’s plenty of bakeries and Reykjavik Chips is great for a snack! But more about that in my other blog “Top 5 Vegan Cafes to Check Out in Reykjavik“!

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  1. Ragnhild says:

    Iceland is such an amazing country! Your list makes me want to go back; I still haven’t done all of it. The Golden Circle tour was much fun, but I need to go back and explore the lava tubes! :O 😀


  2. It’s also good to know the top ten things you should NOT do while you are traveling around Iceland! 🙂
    Safe travels!


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