Why Every Young Traveler Should Stay at a Hostel

There are two types of travelers. There are those those that like a nice hotel, sheets with an 800 thread count Egyptian cotton please. Or.. you like a good hostel with fun people and a little pizzaz. Here’s a few reasons why every young traveler should chose a hostel over a hotel!

1. Budget Friendly- Depending on what city you’re staying in, hostels can be as low as 5 USD per night! Why would you spend over $100 for a hotel room? That’s just insane, especially if you’re budget traveling! Even if you’re not keen with sleeping in the same room as others, you can get a private room many times still cheaper than a hotel room.

2. Shopping Around- For hotels it seems like you needs to look at a million sites to get the best deal. With HostelWorld.com you just need to put the city you’ll be staying in and all the information is there, complete with tons of reviews. It’s really like shopping around to pick out what hostel suites you best. You can check out their ratings for location, security, facilities, and a bunch of others things. Some have even have themes! Hostels hands down have more character than hotels.

3. Best Way to Meet People- Whether you’re traveling in a group or going solo, you’ll certainly make friends if you stay in a dorm style hostel. Everyone one in that room is there for the same reason as you. They came to see the city, may be backpacking, and they’re open enough to book the dorm room. Many hostels have “chill rooms” or a common area where you can kick back, relax, and meet people. There’s only so many tourist attractions in every city, so you’re probably going to the same places anyways.

4. Much More Relaxed- The people who stay at hostels are traveling to experience city and are usually around the age range of 18 to early 30’s. Everyone is just trying to have a good time. No one there is traveling for business, and the people who work there are usually down to earth. Sometimes they’re even travelers that decided to settle down and work at the hostel.

5. More to Offer- Hostels many times offer free breakfast, or a breakfast buffet for a small charge. I’ve had hostels offer community dinners free of charge as well. Usually they have kitchens so you can buy your own food and save money. Many have free walking tours to show you around. Almost all have activities so you can get to know other hostel goers.

Always go with a hostel! You will have so much more fun and have a much more intimate experience with the city you’re visiting. You’ll leave with not only experiences, but with new friends as well!


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