Why Traveling to Russia is Worth the Trouble

Russia needs to be on your bucket list. It’s that simple! But when you think of Russia you may think of politics and people wondering if it’s safe to travel there right now. There’s always risk with everything, so don’t let it deter you. What does affect you is needing a visa. To get a visa you need to be “invited”, but you can do this through buying an invitation through a travel agency like Travisa. This all may seem daunting for trip, but it’s worth the trouble when Russia is a must-see destination, and here’s why.

Larger than Life!
Not only is Russia the biggest country on Earth, but everything about it is big. The palaces, cathedrals, even the gardens. They’re built to impress in every way. They say everything is bigger in Texas, but I’m pretty sure everything is bigger in Russia. (Sorry Texas)

Russia is a global power and always has been. There’s the history of Imperial Russia, the Soviet Union, and now the Russian Federation. Even in our American media and mainstream the history of Russia can be found. Whether it’s the Disney movie Anastasia, the his series The Americans, or just seeing what’s going on in the news, Russia is pivotal to both world history and current events.

Known for the “onion bulbs”, the architecture is beautiful on the outside, showing a rainbow of colors and unique architectural accents, but also has an extravagant interior with murals and art. St. Basil’s Cathedral or the Church on Spilled Blood are prominent cathedrals the reflect the beauty of the country.

Dual Experience
When you go to Russia there’s two main places you should especially see. There’s St. Petersburg and Moscow and you can take an overnight train in order to get between the two. Just remember to bring your passport as it’s super important to bring travel documents with you everywhere in Russia, especially as a tourist. St. Petersburg has Catherine’s Palace along with lovely gardens and cathedrals. Moscow has Red Square, the Kremlin, and much much more.

Even when travel requirements seem like a lot, you need to go to Russia! Full of nature as well as art, Russia has something for everyone. Make sure you get there!


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