Happy International Women’s Day!

This day makes me thankful for all the beautiful women that I have in my life! And also the men that support us in everything we do. I gain so much inspiration from the women around me. I love going on Facebook and seeing my friends all dressed up throwing up hella fierce selfies. I’m whooping and hollering as they start new chapters in their life.

I love social media because I get to see all these beautiful ladies chase their dreams and passions. When my friends tell me about their accomplishments or their new opportunities I want to celebrate with them! And what better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than with a little international women’s travel?

As I continue onto law school I find the room’s for LSATs packed with mostly women. My study abroad group was mostly women. I firmly believe that for myself and my fellow women that we are grasping at adventure like it’s a life force. We know our potential and we know a saying like, “Well you should have a strong man with you to keep you safe,” is not only false, but just plain silly. Every opportunity we get for wanderlust we’re taking.

Many of the solo travelers I met were women. Couch surfing and going out at night? Why not?! We’re not letting anything get in our way. Myself included. So I’m shouting it out to my fearless women adventure seekers!

IWD Iceland 2
Pic taken by Stacie!

The feature image and the one above are from Iceland! We signed up for a glacier hike, and because the whole group seemed pretty fit, we all got to go off the beaten path, literally! We got to hike where people hadn’t hiked in months because of is difficulty. Then we went ice climbing, thanks Stacie for letting me borrow your boots! Mine were so warm, but too soft for the aggressive ice climbing crampons.

IWD Prague

This image was in taken in Prague, Czech Republic. I went there overnight on a bus and met up with a friend! We tried absinthe for the first time at a very nice place. We watched the water drip onto the silver spoon, melting the sugar cube slowly into the liquid. Man that stuff has a kick to it! Then she showed me a great underground bar. Prague is so beautiful and its small enough to cover everything in a few days. It’s perfect for a solo traveler.

IWD Rome2

IWD Rome

And this was my solo trip to Rome! If you start a trip solo then you’ll always end it with new friends. Yamila and I met right off the bus and walked around the city together. She had a race the next day, you go girl! I met Nadia and Marilyn in the hostel, and we went to the Vatican together. Marilyn actually inspired me to get into writing, since I saw she had wrote for College Tourist! You can check out her blog here!

IWD Russia

This final one is from Russia. My friends and I hopped on an overnight train from St. Petersburg to Moscow and explored the city! What a magical place with great people. They helped me so much with getting there and showing me around. It was such a blast! We’ve also traveled to Milan, Paris, Oktoberfest, and an abandoned amusement park together.

All of this travel and I couldn’t have done it without the support of all my friends and family. They believe in me wholeheartedly and it gave me the confidence I needed to explore the world. To all the ladies out there, grab your gal pals and book some plane tickets. Take chances! But I don’t need to tell you that, looks like you’re already out there experiencing all the wonders of the world.


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