The Truth about Vegan Travel: As Told by Honey Boo Boo

*This is an older post I am choosing to leave up. I support cultural foods both vegan and non-vegan.

If you’ve ever traveled (especially outside of the country), then you know the truth about vegan travel. Here’s 10 vegan traveler truths!

1. You are attached to your Happy Cow app. It’s probably the best app you’ve ever had. You know where your people are!

Happy Cow App

2. You’re literally freaking out when you see all the different fruit. Look at what nature created! Look at it!

different fruits abroad
Photo by Mackenzie Benjamin @mcb4196

Is this Santana, Madeira, or is this vegan heaven?

Food of the Gods

3. Wishing you wrote down some translations beforehand. Is that word a type of meat? How do I say “vegan” or “no milk”. HOW DO I TELL PEOPLE I’M A VEGAN!?!

not a real person

4. Realizing its a lot easier to eat vegan in a lot of places outside the U.S. America get your shit together! Italy is pasta and pizza, so easy to make vegan. Germany has vegan stuff everywhere. Even the Czech Republic has vegan restaurants at every corner!

Happy Cow

5. Wishing you could try local dishes… wishing so many weren’t made from cruelty. Mmmm what’s that? It smells good! Oh wait, it boiled lamb intestine. Nevermind.

local food

6. Realizing fur is still very popular in some parts of the world. Finland and Russia, I’m talking to you.

sounds gross

7. Trying to convince your friends to come with you to a vegan restaurant. You try to tell them all about the delicious cruelty-free food, but they just don’t get it. They’re all like:


8. So you maybe go by yourself to the vegan restaurant. Which is fine, because you should always #TreatYoSelf. So you prepare for a nice evening to yourself.

relaxing eating

9. Then you go way off the beaten path for a foreign vegan restaurant. If it’s within a 100 mile radius you’ll find it. And once you get to it you’re all like:

Easier to be vegan

10. And at the end of the day you’re just overjoyed you can try all the vegan food in a foreign place. You’re a vegan master of travel.



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