Why Lisbon is the Best European City for Singles

If you’re single and looking for fun, then Lisbon, Portugal is the place to be. The weather is beautiful year round, and it’s just the place to kick back, relax, and admire all the beautiful people around you. Here’s why Portugal is perfect for the single people who travel there.

  1. The people aren’t shy. To each their own, but from culturally Portugal people seem to be outgoing, vibrant, and always looking for fun. If you’re a solo traveler you’ll probably have to stop and ask for directions, as do we all. The men are happy to help and then they may ask you if you want to get drinks.

2. The beaches are full of eye candy. There are many gorgeous beaches in Portugal and Lisbon is right on the coast. The weather perfect year round so I’m sure there’s plenty super cute women and buff men running around while you sit back at the beach. Go get some action and catch some waves! Snag a surfer bro! The men there are sweet, so I’m sure they’d show you some surfing tips.

3. There’s a bumping nightlife. Lisbon is definitely a party city. This is like a go out late and stay out all night sort of city. The music is bumping and people are dancing. They have some of the best clubs, bars, and discos are considered to be some of the best in the world. Dance the night away!

4. Lisbon is full of gay-friendliness. Straight or LGBT, Lisbon is there to celebrate you! They have one of the best Pride Parades in the summer and plenty of bars and gay-friendly places. They have events going on all the time, so you’re always right in the loop and able to meet plenty of other LGBT singles.

Lisbon is full of beautiful beaches, spirited people, thriving nightlife, and a great LGBT community. If you’re single and ready to mingle, then put Lisbon, Portugal on your European travel list!



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