‘Twas the Night Before the Trip

‘Twas the night before the trip, when all through the house
not a traveler was still, in fact they walked with a little bounce.
For in the morning they would fly to a new destination,
Where every part of the trip would go beyond all expectation.

They would take beautiful photos,
And drink exotic cocoas,
As they would sit for part of their day,
At a beautiful local cafes,
1000 miles away from what they called home.

They would come home with new experiences,
Leaving their footprints and making appearances,
In once uncharted territory.

This is the travelers lullaby,
And thinking of the discovering new places they give a sigh.
With a smile on their faces and their eyes shining bright
They bid to others, “Happy travels to all, and to all a good night!” -S.M.


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