The Ultimate Traveler’s Bucket List

We all have those things we have to do before we kick the bucket. For some, these are small things. For some, the list is short. But not for us travelers! Our bucket list spans to all seven continents, and will take some serious time and commitment in order to complete. Here’s the ultimate traveler’s bucket list for all those suffering from a major case of chronic wanderlust.

1. Go sailing in Greece
2. Go to Ocktoberfest in Munich, Germany
3. See the Northern Lights
4. Drink champagne on top of the Eiffel Tower
5. Visit Dracula’s Castle in Romania
6. Take a picture with a camel in Morocco
7. Visit the Western Wall in Israel
8. Celebrate New Years in Prague
9. Go great-white cage diving in South Africa
10. Get a pair of wooden shoes from Amsterdam
11. Go on a cruise to Alaska
12. Visit the Sydney Opera House
13. See Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok
14. Visit Love Lock Bridge in Paris, France
15. See Christ the Redeemer in Rio
16. Climb the Stairway to Heave in Hawaii
17. Visit the abandoned Spreepark in Berlin
18. Take a picture with penguins in Antarctica
19. Visit the Auschwitz Memorial Museum in Poland
20. See the street art in London, England
21.  Hike Machu Picchu in Peru
22. See the Statue of Liberty
23. Visit the Great Wall of China
24. See Niagara Falls
25. Go to the Louvre in Paris
26. Participate in La Tomatina, a tomato throwing festival in Bunol, Italy
27. See the Lokobe Nature Special Reserve in Madagascar
28. See the Colosseum in Rome
29. See the Taj Mahal
30. Visit the remnants of the Berlin Wall
31. Relax on the beaches of the Azores
32. Visit Japan during Cherry Blossom season
33. See Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow
34. Walk around in the Forbidden City in Beijing
35. See the Egyptian Pyramids
34. Go snorkeling in Fiji
35. Go to a Christmas Market in Krakow Poland
36. Visit Cappadocia in Turkey
37. Take a picture at Platform 9 3/4
38. Relax in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
39. Drink a Guinness in Dublin, Ireland
40. Observe Day of the Dead in Mexico
41. Eat lunch at the Boston Harbor
42. Stay at the Kakslauttanen in Finland
43. Hike the Black Forest in Germany
44. Go see the Westminster Abbey
45. Participate in the “Flogsta scream” in Flogsta, Sweden
46. Visit Samarkand in Uzbekistan
47. See the Vatican in Italy
48. Cruise around the Milford Sound in New Zealand
49. See the Park Guell in Barcelona
50. Explore the famous Salt Mines in Poland

So what are you waiting for? Go and start your adventure today!

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